Stonehouse Stained Glass Studio
Stonehouse Stained Glass
438 1st Street SE
Avon, MN 56310
Phone: 320-356-9211
Toll Free: 800-550-9211
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Exterior Protective Glass

Outside protective glass coverings

Exterior glazing is installed to protect the stained glass panels from the elements and vandalism. Stonehouse Stained Glass can replace existing protective materials. Insulated glass, float glass or plastics can be installed into custom designed frames to restore the architecture of the building and reduce maintenance issues.

Framing systems

From building a new worship space from the ground up or moving into a new setting with your treasured stained glass windows, the framing system the stained glass windows go into is important. A thermally broken frame with insulated glass with the stained glass vented to the interior is necessary for new construction. Installing exterior glass in a frame vented to the exterior over existing stained glass windows is equally important.

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